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Farm tools | Hand tools | SAICO Shoranur
Farm tools | Hand tools | SAICO Shoranur

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SAICO is the leading pioneers in the field of organic agriculture as well as vegetable garden hand tools like Felling Knife, Pruning Shear, Garden Pick Axe, Garden Leaf Rake, Garden Hand Fork etc. are used in agricultural activities to make the process more productive and efficient. The high quality of manufacturing ensures complete safety for all users while handling our tools.


Shoranur Agricultural Implements Consortium is to give full-fledged support to the micro and small enterprises to solve their common issues and upgrade the infrastructure through sharing common facility service centre. To create healthy working environment, we maintained the quality of the products and services at all stages. Our trusted well-defined quality system procedures adopted covering all activities to ensure quality of products & customer satisfaction.


Shop the collection of Agriculture & Garden Tools at with no delivery fee. Consumers can buy gardening tools and agriculture implements through online; we have a wide network of channel partner (The Professional Couriers delivery across Kerala) who ensure that our services from door to door and offerings reach the consumers where they want our product.


Buy the best farming equipment and gardening accessories from SAICO, We are the best dealer of Farming tools and Agriculture implements supplies in Kerala. We provide 24*7 Chat/Email Support, Get in touch with us today.

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